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Thomas Eller, born in Nuremberg in 1964, studied Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts and Religious Studies, Philosophy and Art History at the Free University Berlin. During his career as an artist, Eller tried several times to create artistic interventions in public space. Driven by cynicism and criticism, he planned to paint a part of the Berlin Wall grey in 1986. However, the GDP government did not offer the “young bloke” from the West any opportunity to realize this project. His numerous applications for entry had been left without any response.

Shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Eller installed huge pictures of himself in front of the Lenin Statue in Riga´s city center. Another project that aims at raising political awareness followed 20 years later: close to the famous Loreley Rock at the Rhine banks, Eller installed a statue of himself covered with bullet holes.

Thomas Eller is invited to China by the Goethe-Institut and the organizers of the project “Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money.”

May 21st Tuesday 6pm

IFP studio, heizhima hutong 13, dongcheng district, Beijing

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