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What are the challenges of establishing and running an independent art space/community?

What possible structures can enable an independent art space to become independent of its core team? From another perspective, is there a line that separates, blurrily, an art practice from institutional organization, and what are the critical capacities proper to the different gradations?

On Sunday, Institute for Provocation will be joining Michael from Homeshop, Maurice from Islington Mill and others to launch a discussion around the topic of independent art spaces. Since we all represent various types of art spaces and collectives, we thought it fit to share our experiences in a public format, inviting everyone in to join this moment of self-reflection.

We have lined up with even more questions such as:

What contexts or practices does your space arise from?

Who do you consider your "stakeholders"?

What is the distribution of locality/international among your concerns?

How long have you been active?

What have been some changes during the life of your space? e.g. moves, reorganizations, renamings?

Is there a separation between your physical space and your "project"?

Is the space an institution? What necessitates or allows such a title?

Is the space a form of artistic practice? Is authorship involved?

How do you fund your space? How much does this enter into the activities that you consider your core concern?

How are decisions made? How does this shape what takes place?

Do you consider the way you run your space as a "model"?

Sunday, April 7 at 6 pm at Homeshop, Jiaodaokou beiertioao number 8


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