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Serge Onnen did a series of performances from early April on. For each time he will invite a different musician to do improvising performance with him.

On Satuday, 7th of April, from 21:00 to 23:00, he is going to do a shadow performance, Dingen Doen in Zajia Lab(Hong En Daoist Temple, beside Bell Tower food market Doufuchi Hutong), in collaboration with Dutch musician Mark van Tongeren, who lives in Taipei and is the booth members of the Amsterdam improvisation band OORBEEK (

And on 5th of May, he is invited to collaborate with Li TieQiao and Fenni in Zajia for another performance.

Onnen has made several shadow performances in europe and is now researching chinese shadow-theater while working at IFP. This will be the first of three performances in Beijing where he will use specially made characters, made from the traditionally donkey skin, combined with things found in hutongs.

The chinese shadow theater goes back to the Han Dynasty (200 BC) and could be seen as the oldest pre-cinema technic. Onnen uses several pre-cinema technics in exhibitions and performances. Van Tongeren is a musician/researcher and the writer of the much acclaimed book 'overtone singing'. He will use mainly his voice and kaosspad. Making this event called 'DINGEN DOEN' a very Euro-Chinese 21 century, low tech performance.

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