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On Art, Public and Spiritual Homelessness

An informal talk by Ram Katzir

CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

Wednesday June 29 at 16.30

A reception for guests will be held in the CAFA Museum Café after the lecture

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Saturday July 16 at 16.00 pm

As traveling gets easier, putting down roots gets harder. Ram Katzir's public sculptures tend to stay longer in places then he does.

Katzir first broke into the international art scene in 1997 with Your Coloring Book, an audience-participatory installation that unsettled viewers around the world with innocent-looking children’s books that turned out to be filled with images of Nazi propaganda.

For the past decade Katzir has concentrated on large scale public sculptures, often working in close collaboration with architects and landscape architects. Katzir's visual presentation will trace different strategies of infesting sites with meaning, offering people spaces for future memories.

Katzir has been working in Beijing since January 2011 as an Artist in Residence of Funds BKVB in the Institute For Provocation. This lecture marks a new beginning of his work in Asia, presenting new projects for Shanghai, Guangzhou and Yokohama.

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