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Photographer Aram Tanis has concluded his 6-month residency with the Institute for Provocation with the publication of Blowing Smoke and Seahorses (Timezone 8) and an exhibition at the Timezone 8 bookstore in the 798 art district in Beijing, on view till July 29.

The publication and exhibition show the result of his explorations of the bulk and backlash of China's spectacle society, leading him to dirty, in-between, leftover spaces in Beijing, as well as to Casinoland Macau.

The book will be on sale in selected bookstores in Europe, Asia and the US, via Timezone 8, DAP ( - upcoming) and the artist himself.


Choreographer and filmmaker Alyx Duncan worked the last months with the Institute to research and prepare her latest film project. In <i>The Red House</i>, she looks at the two very different worlds of a Pakeha (European New Zealand) - Chinese couple, her own father and stepmother. She connects the old family home in Waiheke Island with their current apartment in Beijing, provoking thought on issues of conservation, environment, and our place within it.


Mid July, visual artist Roderick Hietbrink will arrive by train from Rotterdam and start his 6-month residency. In August, performing artists Boukje Schweigman and Ibelisse Guardia return to Beijing to continue the research on rituality they started in September last year.

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