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25 June - 31 July 2010

This coming July, the Institute for Provocation and the Dutch Theatre Institute join forces to present the work of Edit Kaldor and Boukje Schweigman, along with a series of workshops, talks and lectures. Edit and Boukje worked in residence with the Institute (then TIM/HUB) in 2008 and 2009. The program takes place in the Dutch Culture Center in Shanghai, in the framework of the World Expo.

The first part of the program focuses on the work of Edit Kaldor in general, and her theatre performance Point Blank in particular. Earlier this week, artist Frank Theys collaborated with 4 local photographers to collect spy photographs, of which a selection will be integrated in Point Blank, shown in the DCC theatre this weekend. Point Blank is a theatre performance in which 19-year old Nada explores her fascination with observing people. Finally, during a one day workshop, Edit shares the dramaturgical strategies behind Point Blank with a group of local artists, as a point of reference to elaborate on the reality of a situation in a theatrical performance.

Program overview

25, 26 & 27 June: Workshop: Spy photography (by Frank Theys)

2 & 3 July, 19:30: Performance: Point Blank

3 July: Talk after the performance

4 July: Workshop: Dramaturgical strategies (by Edit Kaldor)

All these events take place in the Dutch Culture Center in Shanghai, Jing'an district, 800 Changde Lu, close to Changping Lu. Click on the link below to go to the DCC website with more information.

In case you are interested to join the workshop of Edit Kaldor on July 4th, please contact our coördinator Nunu at

More news on the program around Boukje Schweigman in the next newsletter.

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