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Friday Feb 5, 20:30, Monty, Antwerp, Belgium

Paper Tiger Theater Studio (Beijing), “waist of Antwerp”, lecture performance (30’)

Performers: Tian Gebing, Wang Yanan

Translator: Sid Gulinck

Assistant: Liu Yin, Rina Govers, Lan Nguyen

Thanks to: Varinia Canto Vila, Danny Devos, Peter Lenaerts, Stijn Tormans, Wayn Traub

This january, Paper Tiger worked in residence in Monty. They gave an envelope to a sound artist, a performance artist, a journalist, a choreographer and a theatre director, each containing a DVD, two texts and some pictures on two events that happened last year in China. Their replies, together with interventions in the city of Antwerp, form the basis of this lecture performance. It is a testimony, a conversation about China.

Tao Dance Theater (Beijing), “weight”, dance performance (40’)

Choreographer: Tao Ye

Dancers: Duan Ni, Wang Hao, Tao Ye

Music: Steve Reich

One. Duet: Wang Hao & Tao Ye (April 2008)

Two. Solo: Duan Ni (June 2009)

Three. Duet: Wang Hao & Tao Ye (July 2008)

This night of works is composed of three pieces, all slightly different in form, but closely related, choreographed over the course of a year. Rather than a performance made up of three pieces, the pieces is to be seen as a reflection of Tao Studio’s experience of the past year.

The weight of a figure, the weight of a heart, the weight of a corpse, the weight of a body, the weight of a soul, the weight of a human being. The complexity of a figure, the complexity of a heart, the complexity of a corpse, the complexity of a body, the complexity of a soul, the complexity of a human body.

A project of Monty, Theatre in Motion and Europalia.China, thanks to Troubleyn Laboratorium and wp Zimmer

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