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Wed 21 Oct, 22:00 - Thurs 22 Oct, 20:00

Monty Theatre (

One of our personal favorites in the Amperdans4 program is the new performance by French choreographer Claire Croizé, "The Farewell".

In 2008, Croizé attracted attention with "Affected", a moving portrait of three women set to the music of Gustav Mahler. In her latest creation, Croizé once again dialogues with Mahler. Der Abschied (The Farewell) is the closing song of Das Lied von der Erde, a series of symphonic songs, and is as long as all the other songs put together. The Farewell confronts man with his finiteness. Claire Croizé allows herself to be challenged by the music, goes along with the unrestrained emotions, runs ahead of the music or runs right into it.

In may 2005, Claire Croizé performed in Beijing during the second Dashanzi International Art Festival, one of very first projects of Theatre in Motion in China.

Find a link to an interview with Claire Croizé below.

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