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Saturday, Sept. 5 @ 3:00pm - Sunday, Sept. 6 @ 7:30pm

Oriental Pioneer Theater, Beijing, China

8-2 Dongdan San Tiao

Tickets: 100 RMB

Ticket Reservations:

24-hour Ticket Hotline (free delivery): 4008103721, 64170058, 64170068, 64177845

TAO Dance Theater

Choreographer: TAO Ye

Dancers: DUAN Ni, WANG Hao, TAO Ye

Producer: Alison M. FRIEDMAN / Ping Pong Productions

Presenter: Zheteng (Beijing) Culture Promotions Co., Ltd.


"This night of works is composed of three pieces, each of a slightly different form but all of a related style, choreographed over the course of a year. Rather than view this as a performance made up of three pieces, instead we hope the audience will see it as a reflection of our company’s experience this year. When we share our experience with the audience, each audience member will then have their own feelings about what they see, and this in turn will create a new story, one that brings the performance and the audience’s experience together, and thereby creates new meaning." (Tao Ye)


China's latest contemporary dance group TAO Dance Theater is taking the scene by a storm. Since its fouding in 2008, TAO has already performed in every modern and contemporary dance festival throughout China.

Beginning 2010, TAO is featured in Brussels, Belgium, where Tao Ye will be part of a residence program with Charleroi Danses, organized by Theatre in Motion in the framework of Europalia China Festival.

The founder, Tao Ye, is "l'enfant terrible" of China's dance world. He used to dance with Jin Xing in Shanghai, worked with Zuheniao's Zhang Xian, collaborated with Beijing Modern Dance Company, and then decided he was tired of the same old scene and could do it better than any of them so has launched out on his own. Duan Ni, one of the other dancers in his group, has just returned from two years in London with renowned Akram Khan Modern Dance Company and then in New York for two years with Shen Wei Dance Arts.

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