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Screening and discussion

Time: February 25, 2009 8:00 -10:00PM

Venue: Penghao Theatre Kafe

East District No.35 Dongmianhua Hutong

(from the gate of Central Academy of Drama walk to the east about

100 meters and on the left you will see the blue and white signboard of Penghao Theatre)

While doing her research residency in TIM/LAB, Hungarian-Dutch theatre writer and director Edit Kaldor will also introduce influential experimental theatre works from today's Europe. She will discuss aspects of the dramaturgy of these performances, and will focus especially on the different strategies used in dealing with the audience.

The purpose of the presentation is to trigger questions and to prompt a discussion with those present about the possibilities of contemporary theatre/dance practice.

For more information please call: 64006452/72


Edit Kaldor was born in Budapest. At the age of 13 she immigrated with her mother to the United States, where she lived for ten years. She studied literature and drama at Columbia University in New York and at University College, London. Between 1993 and 2000 she worked with Peter Halasz (Squat theater/Love theater, New York) as dramaturge and video-maker on numerous theatre performances.

After enrolling at DasArts, she started making her own theatre pieces, which have since then received international acclaim, turning her into an influential figure in experimental theatre in Europe. Currently she lives and works in Amsterdam and Brussels, writing and directing pieces both intimate and visual, like Or Press Escape (2002), New Game (2004), Drama (2005), Point Blank (2007). In the past years her work has toured extensively in Europe and beyond.


During the research residency entitled Scenario*, theatre artist Edit Kaldor aims to explore the limits of empathy and the possibilities of a reductive approach to communication. Through a series of interviews with inhabitants of Beijing from various age-groups and social strata, a large pool of possible scenarios for personal and collective calamities will be accumulated.

This material will then be processed as a first step: the common denominators will be distilled from the different narratives, and these elements will be materialized in collaboration with a local visual artist. The research is a pre-study for a theatre piece.

*Scenario: an imagined or projected sequence of events, esp. any of several detailed plans or possibilities (Random House Dictionary)

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