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February 15 - 27, 2009 - TIM/LAB

During a research residency entitled Scenario*, theatre artist Edit Kaldor aims to explore the limits of empathy and the possibilities of a reductive approach to communication. Through a series of interviews with inhabitants of Beijing from various age-groups and social strata, a large pool of possible scenarios for personal and collective calamities will be accumulated.

This material will then be processed as a first step: the common denominators will be distilled from the different narratives, and these elements will be materialized in collaboration with a local visual artist. Laying the groundwork for a long-term collaboration is one of the main objectives of the residency, along with a pre-study for a theatre piece.

*Scenario: an imagined or projected sequence of events, esp. any of several detailed plans or possibilities (Random House Dictionary)

Edit is still looking for people to be interviewed. If you are interested, please mail Mandy Xia at

During her stay, Edit will also give a dramaturgical workshop on her own and other stage work that has influenced her practice. We keep you posted on the details.

This residency is made possible through a collaboration with the Dutch and Flemish Theatre Institutes under the flag of TIM/HUB.

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