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University of Toronto's John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design @ TIM/LAB

Open house

Friday June 20, 2008

17:00 - Talk by Jiang Jun (Urban China)

18:00 - Open house

Join us in celebrating the conclusion of 6 weeks of intensive research and experience in China. We will be exhibiting work from the following three student projects:

Hungry Urbanization, Eating Beijing

Food Systems from the Plate to the City

Yangzi Delta 2020 Urban Sponge

Panoramas from Rural to Urban

13th Line Superlinearity

Experimental Urbanism on the North Tangent of Beijing's 13th Line

A collaborative research project focused on the social, economic and ecological dimensions of the circulation of food in Beijing and two shorter design charrettes examining two different urban peripheries: the Yangzi delta urban region from Suzhou to Shanghai, and the new suburban development along the northern leg of Beijing's line 13 raised railway.

The common subjects of investigation are the overlapped and co-constitutive networks of new spaces and subjectivities within the fast urbanizing liminal landscapes beyond China's city-centers.

Projects by: Gary Chien, Maya Desai, Hayley Imerman, Holly Ann Jordan, Safora Khoylou, Esmond Lee, Timothy Lee, Antoine Morris, Mariangela Piccione, Matthew Spremulli, Sando Thordarson, Mike Varey, Sandy Wong, Joseph Yau.

Faculty: Adrian Blackwell (University of Toronto), Xu Jian (Sichuan Polytechnic University), Bert de Muynck, Monica Carrico ( in collaboration with Meng Yue (Tsinghua University/University of Toronto) and her class at Tsinghua University, Tong Lam (University of Toronto), and Ned Rossiter (unaffiliated).

Thanks to all the participants listed above and to Els Silvrants and Mandy Xia at Theatre in Motion (TIM), Daniel Aschwanden and Peter Stamer, Alejandro Cabrera Camprubi at Turenscape, Qun Dang and Pierre Grenier at MAD Architects, Wang Hui at Urbanus, Tong Ming at Tong Ming Architects, and Jiang Jun of Urban China for their generous contributions to the programme.

TIM/LAB address:

Beixinqiao, Dongsi Beidajie, Dongsi Shisi Tiao 93 A 4th Floor

For directions, please mail

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