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Shian Law



Transmission is a research-oriented performance project exploring the concept of ‘speculative documentation’ as means to transmit a non-existent choreographic work Fuck Dog (2005, Jo Lloyd and Frances d’Ath). In the work, I promise to sidestep ‘the originary' as the referent for historical reconstruction.. I use the speculative, inventive and projective processes that resists the precedence of formal historical record over imaginations, feelings and phantasmal memories to confer legitimacy and realness. The process draws its own lineages and sets imaginative connections to the immaterial work, and allows for the performative forces of fictions and non-logical narratives to come into effect in the present.


Shian Law is a Malaysian-born Chinese Australian artist who works across the disciplines of choreography, live art and trans-media performance. Since receiving his Bachelor of Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts, he has worked as a performer, dancer, choreographer and dramaturg.


Shian’s practice tends towards an analysis of artistic discourse and its situated-ness. Historicity, genealogy and relationality provide central artistic prompts for inquiry in his body of work. He explores how dance and choreography operate to produce meaning that is contingent upon tensions between art and culture; aesthetics and politics; the global and the parochial. His projects typically begin with questioning the identity of the artist as a contemporary construction from which it emanates the problematics of art’s autonomy to define itself and subjection to socio-political forces.


Shian’s commission portfolios include Dance Massive Festival, Sydney Dance Company, Next Wave Festival and National Gallery of Victoria. He received Tanja Liedtke Scholarship and Ian Potter Travel Grant to undertake research in Berlin, New York, international residencies at Cité International des Art, Ménagérie de Verre (Paris) in addition to independent Queer spaces Extantation (Chiangmai) and Q-Space (Beijing) through Asialink Residency. He is the inaugural resident artist at Phillip Adams’ BalletLab.



《传达》是一个以研究为导向的表演项目并探索“推测文献”的概念,作为传达不存在的编舞作品“Fuck Dog”(2005,Jo Lloyd和Frances d'Ath)的方法。在作品中,我希望回避“原初”作为历史的再现的参考。我利用推测,创造和投射的过程,抵制“官方”的历史的记录优先于想象力,感觉和幻想记忆,来赋予其合法性和真实性。这个过程提取了它自己的谱系,并与非物质的作品建立想象的连接,让现实中的小说和非逻辑叙事的表演力量开始生效。


Shian Law 是一位出生在马来西亚的中国澳大利亚艺术家,他的作品混合了编舞、现场艺术和跨媒体表演等多个学科。从在维多利亚艺术学院获得舞蹈学士学位后,他已经以表演者,舞蹈家,编舞家和戏剧编剧的身份工作。


Shian的实践倾向于对艺术话语的分析以及其情境。历史性,系谱学和关系性为他大量的工作提供了重要的艺术推动力。他探讨舞蹈和舞蹈如何运作,产生与艺术和文化之间的张力关系偶然的意义;美学与政治;全球和地方。他的项目通常首先质疑艺术家的身份 - 作为一种当代构建,从中发现艺术自主性的自我定义和对社会政治力量的影响。


Shian的委任作品包括悉尼舞蹈公司的Dance Massive Festival,维多利亚国家美术馆和Next Wave Festival。他荣获了Tanja Liedtke奖学金和Ian Potter旅行奖学金,从而使他能够在柏林, 纽约, Cité International des Art 的国际驻留项目, 巴黎的Ménagérie de Verre做研究,并通过Asialink 驻地项目在清迈的Extantation的独立酷儿空间和北京Q-Space做艺术驻地。他也是Phillip Adams’ BalletLab的首个驻留艺术家。

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