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Serge Onnen

 Value of Nothing, 2012





Serge Onnen is a artist born and raised in Paris and based in Amsterdam. He has participated in several international exhibitions and festivals around the world. (Rotterdam Film Festival (NL), San Diego museum of Art (USA), Drawing Centre (USA), Sonsbeek, Arnhem (NL), Museum Het Domein, Sittard (NL), Kunsthalle KAdE Amersfoort (NL),  OKVideo Festival Jakarta (Indo.),Roberts & Tilton Gallery, LA (USA), Fruehsorge Berlin Contemporary drawings(DE), 0gsm gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria),Cornell University Museum, Ithaca (USA) 


His work brings drawing, animation, wallpaper, shadow and pre-cinema technics such a kaleidoscopes and Phenakistiscopes together around a central theme and puts the art of drawing in a wider perceptive. By initiating all kinds of projects, such as a ongoing book sequel  about drawing  published with american publisher J&L books, he has become a expert in the field of drawing. 


Returning themes in  his work  are, conflicting economical & emotional values, micro economics such as recycling and deposits and the smallest monetary value represented by the  1 cent coins. One of the projects during his stay in China is researching the ancient art of shadow theater. This will lead to collaborations and performances. He also plays the trumpet in the improvised group OORBEEK and teaches at Rietveld academy also based in Amsterdam.





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