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Video still courtesy of the artist版权由艺术家所有

Full moon

2014, video, 1min.4sec.

Rumiko Hagiwara


Full moon focuses on the image of the full moon, an important symbol of perfection in Asian astrology.

The site-specific installation, photo and video works of Japanese artist Rumiko Hagiwara revolve around coincidental encounters within daily life situations that often emphasize factual errors or coincidental approvals between image and language. Hagiwara combines a western conceptualist approach (ready made objects) with influences from traditional Japanese culture (shadow, light, reflection), and aims at twisting the omnipresence of the unnoticed trace of human action and behaviour into subtle, and often humoresque poetics of the ordinary.

Rumiko Hagiwara was born in Gunma (Japan) and studied at the Tokyo Zokei University in Tokyo (2000-2004). She was an artist in residence at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam (2008-2009).




2014,录像, 1分4秒

Rumiko Hagiwara




日本艺术家Rumiko Hagiwara的特定场域装置、照片、录像作品围绕着日常生活中偶然的遭遇展开,它们通常强调事实的错误或图像与语言之间的偶然的认可。Hagiwara把西方观念主义的方法(现成物)与来自传统日本文化的影响(影子、光、反射)结合并且旨在将不被察觉的人类行为的普遍存在转化成为一种诙谐的诗意。


Rumiko Hagiwara 出生在日本群马县,就读于东京造型大学(2000-2004)。在2008到2009年期间,Rumiko是荷兰皇家艺术学院的驻地艺术家。

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