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Nicolas Clauss

Nicolas Clauss: Random Moving Images



Former painter, Nicolas Clauss quit painting in 2000 to focus on moving image and new media. He will introduce his work through a selection of pieces: From his early interactive tableaus Flying Puppet (2001-2010) to his most recent researches and random Videographies; generative pieces where video become a moving landscape without beginning nor end and where duration is dilated.



It is after having discovered the potentiality of computer programming and algorithms that Nicolas Clauss decides to shift from painting to digital art. Videos, photo, sound and textures are mixed in a new creation process in which machines and tools are not the focal point but are means of serving the artist. He takes matter, works on it, plays with it, transforms it, destroys it and recomposes it, pushing the limits of painting. He questions video as a media, its visual values and duration, notably with Random Videographies. Videography: because the filmed media is studied and explored in its temporal and spatial dimensions (alike a map or a landscape). Random: because the modes of exploration of these videographies are based on free running algorithms. Video thus becomes a moving landscape, pictorial or not, without a beginning or an end, in which time is stretched.

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