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Gold Coins to the Headsman video still 《刽子手的金币》录像截图

Gold Coins to the Headsman

2014 1 Channel HD video with sound
​ (5'40)
Singing/ composition by Jonimatti Joutsijärvi​

Gold Coins to the Headsmen unfolded from an encounter with a herd of rams, raised for their meat. This confrontation led to intensive collaboration and choreography between the artist and these animals. Through the act of blindfolding both co-actors, the human and the animal, the artist examines our position as simultaneously producers and products, as well as being victims generated by the capitalist and anthropocentric systems- through which we all ultimately end up killing and cannibalizing ourselves.

The title Gold Coins to the Headsmen reflects an old custom, in which those awaiting execution were advised to bribe the headsman (executioner) in order to ensure that he would sharpen his tools, especially if the execution involved decapitation.

Kristiina Koskentola is a visual artist, PhD. Currently she divides her time between Amsterdam and Beijing, where she overwinters.

In her recent projects, Koskentola works with issues of subjectivity and agency, ethicality and inclusivity among multiple co-actors, human and nonhuman. She reconfigures immediate and expanding spatial, temporal, material, socio-political and otherworldly conditions, exploring flows and systems of interdependence.
These reflections manifest as constellations of media (including video, photography, materials, stories and objects), as interactive performative projects, and as lectures.

Recent exhibitions include: Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing; Zendai MoMA Shanghai; Skaftfel Centre for Visual Arts, Iceland; Gallery Lumen Travo, Amsterdam; Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki; Museum De Lakenhal/Scheltema, Leiden; Star Gallery, Beijing; Charlois Speciaal, Rotterdam; and 4th Baku Biennial of Conceptual Art in Azerbaijan.


Kristiina Koskentola



演唱、作曲:Jonimatti Joutsijärvi​

刽子手的金币由与一群饲养的公羊的遭遇展开。这场对抗导致了艺术家与这些动物之间的密切合作和舞蹈。通过人与动物 – 共同的表演者被蒙住双眼的举动,艺术家探索了我们既是生产者也是产品的处境,以及作为资本主义和人类中心观点的受害者 - 通过这些体系我们最终完成了对自己的杀戮。



Kristiina Koskentola 是位视觉艺术家,博士,在北京和阿姆斯特丹两地工作。在她最近的项目中,Koskentola关注主体性以及能动性,在人与非人等多个共同行动者之间的伦理性和包容性。她重置直接的、扩张的空间、时间、物质、社会政治和超世的条件以探索相互依存的流动和系统。这些思考表现在一系列诸如视频,摄影,材料,故事和物体等形式中,作为互动的、表演性的项目和讲座。最近的展览包括北京三影堂摄影艺术中心,上海证大美术馆,冰岛Skaftfel视觉艺术中心,阿姆斯特丹Lumen Travo画廊,赫尔辛基Hippolyte画廊,莱顿De Lakenhal/Scheltema美术馆,北京星空间,鹿特丹Charlois Speciaal,和第四届阿塞拜疆Baku双年展。

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