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Jussi Parikka

Dr. Jussi Parikka is participating our seminar from far, as a ‘mediated mediatheorist’.


Dr Jussi Parikka is Professor at the Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) and Docent at University of Turku. His various books have addressed a wide range of topics relevant to a critical understanding of network culture, aesthetics and media archaeology of contemporary technologies. The books include the media ecology-trilogy Digital Contagions (2007, 2nd. ed 2016), the award-winning Insect Media (2010) and most recently, A Geology of Media (2015), which addresses the environmental contexts of technical media culture.

In addition, Parikka has published such books as What is Media Archaeology (2012) and edited various books, recently Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History (2015, with Joasia Krysa) on the Finnish media art pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi. He is also the co-editor of Across and Beyond: – A transmediale Reader on Post-digital Practices, Concepts, and Institutions (Sternberg Press, 2016, co-edited with Ryan Bishop, Kristoffer Gansing and Elvia Wilk).


(Parikka’s text ‘Earth Forces’ will be published in Chinese later this fall in the OCAT Shenzhen’s publication on the exhibition ‘Digging a Hole in China’ (2016). His book ‘Anthrobscene’(2014) is under Creative Commons license – might someone be interested in  translating and publishing it.)



Jussi Parikka博士将会以一个“间接的媒体理论家”的身份参与我们的研讨会。


Jussi Parikka博士是温彻斯特艺术学院(南安普顿大学)和图尔库大学教授。他的各种书籍涉及到对网络文化,美学和当代技术媒体考古学的批判性认识的相关的广泛议题。这些书包括媒体生态三部曲《数字蔓延》(2007年第二版,2016年);获奖的《昆虫媒体》(2010年)和最近的《媒体地质学》(2015),其中涉及技术媒体文化的环境背景。


此外, Parikka还出版了《什么是媒体考古学》(2012)并编辑过很多书籍。最近在芬兰媒体艺术先驱平台Erkki Kurenniemi上完成的的作品是《撰写、非撰写(媒体)艺术史》(2015年,与Joasia Krysa合作)。他还是“穿越与超越 – 关于后数字实践、观念和制度的跨媒体读物” (Sternberg Press,2016的联合主编,与Ryan Bishop, Kristoffer Gansing and Elvia Wilk合作)。


(Parikka的“地球力量”文本将于今年秋季在中国深圳OCAT出版的关于展览“事件的地貌”(2016年)的刊物上发表。他的书“Anthrobscene” 是知识共享的许可下 - 可能有人有兴趣翻译和发布它。)

*Download the text What is Insect Media Parikka contributes for this seminar (cn/en)下载文章《什么是昆虫媒体》(中英)

More on Parikka (in English):

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