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Jussi Koitela

Posthumanist Performativity of the Curatorial and Political Economy of the Curating


Mainstream curatorial practices and artistic knowledge production are still deeply rooted in Western ideas of individual areas of knowledge and society, such as art, economics, natural sciences and politics. However, many institutions for art and curatorial practices are emphasising the necessity of ‘bringing’ these fields of knowledge-actions together, whereas more and more artists are experimenting with natural sciences and scientific research practises as their starting point. As such,  these institutions still remain grounded in the world order of specialised and autonomous research practises such as art history, aesthetics, biology, and social sciences. Without this—still Enlightenment driven—basis, there would not be a need to ‘bring’ these areas together. This puts us in a situation where our material-discursive labour and speech on the one hand challenges these differences but, on the other, simultaneously reproduces and strengthens these divisions. In my presentation I will speculate on the potential of curatorial practices rooted in worldviews that do not take these divisions as given and singular, and instead I show those that are continuously becoming and intra-acting within the entanglement of ontology, epistemology, and ethics. I will claim that we need to turn from performing the curatorial to posthumanist performativity of the curatorial. Eventually this also will advance us to challenge the toxicity of the contemporary political economy of curating.   





Jussi Koitela is a curator currently moving between different projects in France, Norway, and Finland. Since 2012 he has been working on and with artists’ responses to economic structures and discourses in the context of his ‘Skills of Economy’ curatorial research. Koitela is interested in developing curatorial, institutional and discursive practices that act in the merged areas of an artistic practice; research and politics in holistic forms. His recent curatorial work includes: Entangling Matter and Meaning and Intra-Sructures – Monster of the Seven Lakes at Treignac Projet, Agency for De-development in Tromsø at Vårscenefest Festival, Mattering City at SixtyEight Art Institute, City Agents at Estonian Museum of Contemporary Art (EKKM), Skills of Economy Sessions at Finnish Theatre Academy, Baltic Circle Festival and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Untitled (two takes on crises) – You Must Make Your Death Public at de Appel arts centre. Koitela has edited the Finnish Art Policy Handbook, published by Checkpoint Helsinki and Baltic Circle Festival 2015. During 2015/2016 Koitela was a participant of De Appel Curatorial Programme.








Jussi Koitela 是一位策展人,目前活跃在法国、挪威和芬兰。从2012年起,他开始探讨在他的“经济学技能”的策展研究语境下艺术家是如何对经济结构和话语予以回应的。Koitela对在艺术实践、研究和政治形式的共通领域中探索策展、机构和话语实践非常有兴趣。他最近的策展工作包括:《物质和意义的牵连以及互为结构》在Treigna Project的 “Seven Lakes的怪物”,在特罗姆瑟的Vårscenefest节的发展机构,SixtyEight艺术机构的物质城市,爱沙尼亚当代艺术美术馆,芬兰戏剧学院的“经济学技能”研讨会,环波罗的海节和Kiasma当代艺术博物馆,De Appel 艺术中心的《将死亡公众化》等。Koitela编辑了由Checkpoint赫尔辛基和环波罗的海节2015出版的《芬兰艺术方针手册》。Koitela在2015到2016年于De Appel 研读策展课程。

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