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Fu Xiaodong

Kuncan, Neijing Tu and analogism


Taoism, as both the theoretical foundation upon which techniques such as Chinese medicine, astronomy, Feng shui and alchemy were developed throughout Chinese history, and as an ancient fundamental concept of and approach to the mind-body issue, provides us with an alternative angle for understanding imagery in the history of art. The research and application of artificial intelligence in imitating human thinking also provides us with a perspective to renew our worldview and understanding of what is human. The analogism of the Yin-yang and Five Elements theory of the uniquely Chinese Taoist theory of the universe and philosophy, proposes an all-inclusive theoretical system of universal connectivity that has been preserved as a characteristically Chinese way of thinking in poetry, idioms and paintings. This method of categorization, which is anti-logic and anti-museology, is more similar to the automatic associations that occur in the state of unconscious thinking and is exactly what Douglas Richard Hofstadter referred to as the mode of operation for artificial intelligence when performing in-depth learning of human perception. The speech will touch upon explorations and research in such areas as Kun Can, Chinese landscape painting, Chart of the Inner Landscape (‘Neijing Tu’), brain science, Fractal Theory, mathematics and neural network. It discussed from a cross-disciplinary point of view how to renew our understandings of traditions and how to draw from traditions new ways of thinking for the present.


FU Xiaodong is a Beijing-based independent curator, critic and Founder of Space Station. She served as Executive Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Fine Arts Literature and is Artistic Director of China Young Artists Project, Artistic Director of T. Art Center as well as editor of Meiyuan, the journal of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts. She was Visitor Curator at 24HR ART (Australia) and the Centre Pompidou-Metz. Her curatorial projects include the 8th Shenzhen International Ink Painting Biennale, the 3rd Hubei Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, 2010 Get It Louder, ‘Doubleflyart Absurdity Award’ at Today Art Museum, ‘Through the Body’ at the University of Toronto Art Centre, the 13th and 15th OPEN Performance Art Festival. Since 2012, she has been leading the project ‘The 8th Day – Artists in Scientists’ Laboratories’ in collaboration with





付晓东,现居北京,独立策展人、批评家,空间站创始人。曾担任《美术文献》杂志执行主编。CYAP中国青年艺术扶植推广计划艺术总监,梯级艺术中心艺术总监,鲁迅美术学院《美苑》编辑。澳大利亚24HR ART,法国蓬皮杜梅兹分馆洛林基金会访问策展人。策划过第八届深圳国际水墨双年展,第三届湖北美术文献展,2010年大声展,今日美术馆双飞荒诞奖,多伦多大学美术馆体识展,第十三、十五届OPEN行为艺术节等。2012年起与果壳网合作,长期主持“第八日——艺术家访问科学家实验室”项目。

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