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Dai Xiyun 戴西云

Dai Xiyun studied exhibition design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and holds MA in fine art from Dutch Art Institute (DAI).


She worked as a researcher for curator Tang Keyang on the National Museum project in 2012. From 2012 to 2014, she worked on media strategy, exhibition design and curating for MAD Architects. Since 2014, she starts her art practices through writing, performance and curating. Her articles have been published on LEAP and TANC. In 2016, she curated the group exhibition Songs for A Deaf Ox in the context of the research Non-transmittable Form by curator Ruth Noack in Arnhem, Netherlands.

戴⻄云曾在中央美术学院学习展览设计,后前往荷兰在 Dutch Art Institute (DAI) 学习艺术并获得硕士学位。


2012年她曾作为研究员之一参与策展人唐克扬的国家美术馆项目研究。2012至2014年期间,她曾在MAD建筑事务所负责媒体策略,展览设计及策划等工作。2014年,她通过写作,表演及策展等媒介开始进行艺术实践。她的多篇文章曾发表于艺术界及艺术新闻。2016年,她基于德国策展人Ruth Noack的研究项目“Non-transmittable Form”,在荷兰阿纳姆主持策划了群展 “Songs for A Deaf Ox”。



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