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Simon Wald-Lasowski(b. 1980, Paris) collects, studies and mocks the iconography of images, objects and signs that are so prevalent in contemporary society. Simultaneously, his multiform practice conveys a genuine love for disdained tacky gadgets and obscene curiosities, which he obsessively hoards.


A flaneur at heart, he stumbles across his ‘palette’ of objects by chance. Through visual associations, d.i.y modifications and assemblages, objects become actors in his satirical subversive installations. Seducing the viewer with catchy colourful aesthetics, Wald-Lasowski confronts us to absurd issues of the human condition and to the enormous underbelly of our morbid consumerism.


Simon Wald-Lasowski was a resident at the prestigious Jan van Eyck academie in Maastricht between 2016-2017 and is represented by Trampoline gallery in Antwerpen.


Simon Wald-Lasowski(出生于1980年,巴黎)对当代社会中流行的图像、物件和符号之图像志进行收集、研究和嘲弄。同时,他通过多种形式的实践传达了一种对遭到鄙夷的俗气玩意儿或下流物件的真挚热爱,并痴迷于囤积它们。




Simon Wald-Lasowski在2016-2017年间在马斯特里赫特著名的扬·范·埃克学院驻留,并由安特卫普的Trampoline gallery代理。



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