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Hu Wei 胡伟

Hu Wei, a Chinese artist and researcher, works mostly in Beijing and Amsterdam.


He obtained a BA from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2012 and an MA from Dutch Art Institute (DAI) in particular on art and political theory, artistic writing and making in 2016. As an artist, he does a lot of art practices and participates in residencies and exhibitions. Hu's works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, Tijuana, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Hu Wei is interested in the phenomenological and political-economic aspects of the digital for contemporary art and the human condition, including the relationship between the abstract and concrete, between material and immaterial. Moreover, he also concerns about the marginalisation, transformation and potentiality of the local arising from globalisation and digitalisation. Often investigating local issues, such as ethics, culture, and labour, in the context of the global, his description combines individuality and social realism. These investigations take place as writing, presentation, video and installation.



他于2012年获得中央美术学院的学士学位, 2016年获得 Dutch Art Institute (DAI)的硕士学位,其主要侧重于艺术和政治理论,艺术写作和⾏动。作为艺术家,他有很多的艺术实践并持续参加展览和驻地项目。他在国内和国际上都有展览历,其中包括阿姆斯特丹、柏林、蒂华纳、北京以及上海等地。胡伟对当代艺术和人类状态的数字化的现象学和政治经济方面感兴趣,包括对抽象和具体以及物质和非物质之间的关系。他同时也关注由全球化和数码化所产生的本⼟的边缘化、转化以及潜能。通过研究诸如道德、文化、劳动等地域性问题在全球化的语境中,他的描述结合了个体特征以及社会现实。这些研究通常通过写作、讲述、录像和装置等方式发生。




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