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Esther Kokmeijer

The world at large and the connections and movements within it are the main focus of the work of Esther Kokmeijer. She is investigating the origins of nature through mappings of intersections between man-made and ‘natural' forms of reality. In her travels across the globe she explores quantifiable positions related to geographic coordination systems, climatic phenomena and politically vs topologically defined borders. 


The coming years, Kokmeijer is working on a trilogy about the human quest to control nature. A trilogy about the three different stages of water (vapour, liquid and solid) and the way we interact with this. She questions the potential to control the weather, reclaim and or protect land from the sea and to have ownership of ice. 


During her 6 months residency at IFP (Jan/Jun 2014), she wishes to investigate China's meteorological systems, more specifically its research and capacity for weather modification. Next to the cinematic essays, she also plans to make installations, interventions and other works in the same context.



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