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Common Places /公共场所

- by Iris Lacoudre

Iris Lacoudre is working within tangible elements of architecture, questioning the ways we inhabit a certain place, rather than imposing a singular vision. From children playgrounds to Hutong yards, Iris widely inquires the domestic gestures enabling a sense of place, a territorial intimacy within common places.


For the last three months, Iris has been investigating the immediate context, looking for the commons within architecture, for undefined space, for non-monuments within the city of Beijing. Through the lens of Common places, the research unfolds different scales of inhabitation. The exhibition itself inhabits the space of IFP, as a disruptive gesture, as a silent form. It relates an ever-changing reality, being in constant movement and mutation. The material of paper is being played with, while the exhibition distorts, adapts, questions on different surfaces. It draws fragments, existing corners, imaginary spaces, accidents within a structure, lines to be continued. An open playground, where the limit between inside and outside is blurred.


The common place, yet existing, becomes a fragment of a larger environment, a piece of an imaginary project, to which paper is the very first matter. Paper, a publication relating this investigation, will be released during the opening.


The visitor is invited to inhabit the space in the way he/she relates to it, and eventually play chess game.








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