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Bill Aitchison

Bill Aitchison works in and between performance, writing, collage and sound. He makes solo performances and events and he collaborates with theatre, sound and visual artists on larger projects. Live performances in which the danger of the moment and the experience of being part of something unrepeatable are his priority. His work is often obliquely auto-biographical as he places himself within the frame of his work and expands out from there, playing upon the fault lines of the personal and the public, of art and life. His performances are as often situations as they are tightly rehearsed theatre pieces, sometime both, frequently making use of living city spaces and weaving levels of complicity between performer and spectator.


Bill Aitchison is based in London. He has presented his solo performances at theatres, galleries and festivals around the UK, US, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and Croatia. Working collaboratively he has created and performed original work with Ivana Muller and Apocryphal, among others, working as a performer, writer and advisor. A graduate of Middlesex University and Ecole de Mime Corporel, he has a practice-based PhD from Goldsmiths College on Performance Art and performer discipline. 



2012, 2008

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