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IFP Book Launch Party | Peng Ke: Salt Ponds Book Launch & Conversations

Time: 2018.9.2 8:00 - 9:30 pm Sunday

Address: Institute for Provocation

Speakers: Pianpian He, Kang Kang & Ke Peng

Co-presented by Institute For Provocation & Salt Projects & Jiazazhi Press

Following the closing of her solo exhibition The Secured at Salt Projects, Ke Peng invites you to come read and chat about her new photo book Salt Ponds (Jiazazhi Press, 2018) at the Institute for Provocation. This book comprises images photographed in the last five years, mainly in Changde, Changsha and Shenzhen, together with an extended interview and a short story. Within these colourful public spaces and private homes, her visual systems weave the experience of rapid urbanization into grids, containers, and entry points for reality. Ke Peng will continue her two-year-long dialogue with her two collaborators, designer Pianpian He and writer Kang Kang, about her art practice, the process of making a photo book, and the mutual influences and intersections between the three of them.

About the Speakers

Pianpian He is a graphic designer. She received an MFA from Yale University in 2018. She and her partner Max Harvey work within and beyond the great wall — from China and America. They are mostly concerned with making images in booming or declining — fluctuating economies. Her recent collaborators are Triple Canopy, Jiazazhi Press and YveYang Gallery.

Kang Kang is a writer, dramaturg and translator who went to school for comparative literature and now lives in New York. Her relationship to her subjects varies from speculation, intrusion to vivisection and cannibalism. She might also be seen giving plugs about ”Future Host” which is about to take place in Beijing and Shanghai later this month.

Ke Peng is an artist who works with images, who now lives and works in Los Angeles and southern China. She's interested in the active states of looking, self-reflection, and psychological effects activated by the medium of photography. Peng graduated from the photography department at Rhode Island School of Design.


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