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Resident artist 2015: Jenny Berntsson (SE)

Visual artist Jenny Berntsson is one of two Swedish residents at IFP in the autumn 2015 in collaboration with Iaspis on the topic of public space in China. Working mainly with sculpture and drawing, Jenny is in Beijing to do research on textiles and their use in different spaces and as a means of identity and/or protection.

"My processes always start with a concept, a location and context in combination to a choice of material. I’m using the public space, the city, the room and the architecture as a kind of stepping stone and work in an experimental and inquiring way throughout the process. The result almost all the time ends up being sculpture or drawing."

Since 2009 she also collaborates with artist Felice Hapetzeder as Local A. They have conducted workshops based projects nationally and internationally in collaboration with art institutions. She has also worked in a collaboration with the choreographer Marie Fahlin on several projects since 2009, investigating the borders of their respective art forms and dissolving them.


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