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IFP驻留艺术家夏落(Charlott Markus)的个展在智先画廊

IFP artist-in-residence Charlott Markus will exhibit at Intelligentsia Gallery this Saturday May 9. Part of Live At Project curated by Xia Yanguo, Matter of Gradation is about composing the un-composed, observing the everyday and engaging in movement within a standstill. As part of the exhibition Markus will move her Beijing artist-in-residence studio into the gallery space as a collage of inspiration. On display will be a play with matter and a gradation of stages, a collaged platform not so distant from painting. An intuitive yet careful assemblage that will give hints of the process that occupies her residency in Beijing and that will summarize in a following exhibition in her residency.

For more information please visit the gallery's website

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