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Institute for Provocation warmly invites you to a casual Sunday event on the Black Sesame dance floor. Afternoon sober dancing: celebrating conscious choices.

Making decisions is part of who we are. Being in charge means to make conscious decisions. This Sunday, we will celebrate being aware of what we think and what we do.

To come and dance sober this Sunday afternoon in an art space is a conscious choice. It is also a statement in support of gender equality. March 8th is the International Women’s Day: a day inaugurated in the beginning of the 20th century to highlight the fact that equality for all genders is still not a reality. Let's take a step forward together in full consciousness.

Come dance with us!

DJs Half/N/Half + Charm will provide us with ’equal‘ beats that will make you happily aware of your physique for days to come.

Initiated by Charlott Markus, currently in residence at Institute for Provocation, who also celebrates the conscious choice to quit smoking 1,5 years ago.

Sunday March 8th 2015, 2pm - 6pm

Black Sesame Space Heizhima Hutong 13

Artist bios

Half/N/Half is a Beijing-based DJ from LA who has spent the last two years bouncing around the BJ club scene. From the Bunker parties to Circle to Dada, she can be heard spinning sets as eclectic as the places she plays.

Charm is an ongoing performance and recording project incorporating field recordings and "found" cultural sounds. As a DJ, Charm samples deep cuts from the worldwide electronic underground, often supplementing with live percussion on a custom set of wooden drums.

Charlott Markus is a Swedish, Amsterdam-based visual artist and currently artist-in-residence at the IFP supported by Mondriaan funds in The Netherlands.

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