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On May 10, IFP will host the the launch of Concrete Flux Issue 2: Hybridity and the City.

How are urban spaces in China causing the mixing and mingling of different desires and needs, of traditions and new trends? And what are the offspring of this merging together of so many diverse elements?

Hybridity: “the assimilation of contraries”, Guyanese poet Wilson Harris.

The second issue of Concrete Flux, a journal on urban spaces in China, including fiction and non-fiction, photography and more, focuses on this theme.

May 10th is the official launch of the print version of Concrete Flux Issue 2: Hybridity. Each attendee will make their own magazine, in their own desired order, from articles and works by writers, photographers and designers. The front cover will also be made by groups of attendees – don’t expect full control of your magazine. The unexpected exemplifies hybridity.

Saturday May 10th, 4 - 7 pm (16:00-19:00), IFP Studio, Heizhima hutong 13

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