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On Friday Oct 25th IFP will host a talk with artists Linnéa Carlsson and Wen Fang.

The Swedish artist Linnéa Carlsson and the bronze caster Robert Cassland are investigating the global situation of the ancient and complex process of casting in bronze through an artistic exchange project that focuses on contemporary artistic use of this ancient method. The project is a way of looking at the relation of production between Europe and Asia on the global market in general, and at the same time of course to get an understanding of each others artistic perspective and context.

Linnéa Carlsson and Robert Cassland are in Beijing visiting the Chinese artist Wen Fang and bronze caster Mao Linggang to cast a piece in the foundry of Mao Linggang. In November they will all go to Sweden and cast a piece by Wen Fang in Casslands foundry in Malmö, Sweden. The project is financed by Skåne Regional Council and the Swedish Arts Council.


Linnéa Carlsson lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Her sculptural works investigate as diverse subjects as tourism, creativity, gender, and production in the global market, and often in a historical perspective. Though seemingly direct her works often leave the viewer with no answers to the questions raised. She will probably talk about a tourist called Conny Olsson and a Sculpture with no Organs, and perhaps some other things.


Chinese artist Wen Fang was born in Beijing and studied photography at the Photography and Sound Engineering School (ENS) of Louis-Lumière in Paris. Her works revolve around themes of social equity and gender, and often involve objects crafted by impoverished women in the Western remote areas areas of the Chinese countryside. Her collaboration with Ningxia Hundred Flowers Cooperative is partly a reflection how an artist through their status and perspective can nurture more social and economic independence among these women.

IFP Sessions, Friday Oct 25, 6 pm in IFP Studio, Heizhima hutong 13

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