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From 19 September till 7 October 2010, the Minsheng Art Museum hosts Brussels Body Speech, an exhibition project curated by Prof. Hans de Wolf of the Brussels Platform/VUB in the framework of the Brussels Week at the Shanghai World Expo.

The concept of the exhibition is based upon a strong opposition between two artistic positions, both reflecting on the status of the body. On one side of the axis we placed ‘dance’ as the oldest form of human intelligence, entering a whole new chapter in the history of dance under the impulse of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, whose film Rosas Danst Rosas will be shown.

On the other side of the axis, we invited Frank Theys to present his movie ‘Technocalyps’. Through this documentary, the artist explores in three parts the world and opinions of a group of scientists obsessed with the quest of eternal life.

Contributing each in a very specific way to the above-mentioned concept, three more visual artists based in Brussels are invited to participate: Ann Veronica Janssens , David Claerbout and Joëlle Tuerlinckx.

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