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Performances in Frascati, Amsterdam and Monty, Antwerp

Jan 8 - Jan 9, 21:00, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam

TAO Dance Theater - "Weight" (Together Alone)

The weight of a figure, the weight of a heart, the weight of a corpse, the weight of a body, the weight of a soul, the weight of a human being. The complexity of a figure, the complexity of a heart, the complexity of a corpse, the complexity of a body, the complexity of a soul, the complexity of a human body

Choreography: Tao Ye

Performers: Tao Ye, Wang Hao, Duan Ni

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Feb 5, 20:30, Monty, Antwerp

Hit The Stage

In Hit The Stage, Monty opens its doors to give the audience an intimate insight in the artist's working process. Next to TAO's performance "Weight", Paper Tiger will conclude their residency with a short presentation.

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