October 8, 2017

Institute for Provocation has been invited to exhibit at MAXXI Museum of Art for the 21st Century in Rome, Italy. The show is a part of The Independent, a research project initiated by MAXXI's artistic director Hou Hanru, focussing on the output and impact of independe...

August 15, 2016

新闻发布: 北京独立艺术空间 2016 


第二届“北京独立艺术空间”将呈现的是那些或是存在固定地点,或者对公共空间,私 人公寓或者数字空间进行占领的的独立艺术项目。我们希望通过探究艺术空间及其概 念的各种可能性,来推动对中国独立艺术实践问题的进一步思考。当下,空间不必再 与地点联系在一起,我们也希望能展现发生在系统之外的艺术项目。今年的主题不仅 是呈现基于北京的独立艺术空间,也包括为今年主题特别创制的项目。

今年的主题围绕着“试水”,一个对既不固定又非可控,却是流动、灵活、基本和无处 不在的大小实践所做出的宣言。水包容一切,又为...

August 15, 2016

Independent Art Spaces 2016

“Be Water”

The second edition of “Independent Art Spaces Beijing” will host independent art projects, no matter if you have a fixed location or are a collective occupying public spaces or private apartments or the digital space. Taking the qu...

August 26, 2015



As a part of IAS Beijing 2015, IFP will host an artist talk with resident artist Astrid Myntekær and open its doors during the weekend of August 28th to 30th to present the ongoing projects and research that is IFP.


From IAS press release:


"Independent and alter...

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