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9 Jul 2014

New resident: Maurice Bogaert

Amsterdam-based artist Maurice Bogaert has arrived at IFP in search for the soul of a city (like Beijing). In his architectural explorations of narrative space, Bogaert deconstructs and reconstructs sets from films, tv-series or webcams, often with dry precision and absurd humour. The installations are large-scale models of the spaces, extracted from the moving image and blown up in three dimensions with the visitor's eyes taking the position of the camera lens.

During his residency at IFP, Maurice will document and reconstruct Beijing without its inhabitants, letting the physical space of the city itself play the leading role. This filmic research project together with the collection of micro-stories from every day life currently makes up the artist's main activity. More information about Maurice and his work here

7 Jul 2014

Esther Kokmeijer at Black Sesame

IFP is delighted to invite you to the opening of a new site-specific installation and work-in-progress show at IFP's project space Black Sesame. Dutch visual artist Esther Kokmeijer will create an artificial environment, inviting visitors into a thermal atmosphere of vapour and gas. Alongside the installation she will put on display her research and investigations undertaken in China. Starting with the idea of a drop of water and its three states of being, the artist traces the various ways in which vapour plays an essential role in our everyday lives, and what efforts go into controlling it.

The works of Esther Kokmeijer express a sincere interest in the issues with which human kind engages in a relentless battle: our desire to control the forces of nature to our benefit. During her research process at IFP she has explored various ways in which this interaction nurtures both poetic dances with the wind and hyper-precise cloudseeding maneuvres. You are invited to join this dialogue and wander through the physical tests, data and ideas collected over the past six months.

Saturday July 12th, 5 – 9pm, Black Sesame, Heizhima hutong 13

17 Jun 2014

Serge Onnen at Black Sesame

Warmly welcome to the official opening of Black Sesame, a new project space for art, design and sensory experiences located in the courtyard at Heizhima hutong 13. IFP has teamed up with Here & Now (Adel Andalibi) and furniture concept WAM/万物 to transform the former boiler room into an open space dedicated to exploring the limitations and possibilities of our human senses.

For this opening event Dutch/French artist Serge Onnen will create a site-specific installation which invites visitors to explore the different characters of his animation film project Cloacinae. During the evening there will also be live music and Swedish traditional midsummer drinks and snacks.

Serge Onnen was resident at IFP in 2012 to explore Chinese shadow puppet theatre and work with puppet makers. This lead to a series performances (CAFA, Three Shadow Gallery, Zajia, Paper Tiger Studio) and collaborations with several musicians. This year he is back for a shorter period to work on animation using this more then 1000 year old chinese art form that could be seen as the earliest form of projected moving images. This will be the first animation ever made using this primitive media. Cloacinae is a 12 minute long movie about a unfortunate 1 cent coin that ends up in the sewer. The movie will be scored by musician Li Daiguo and will premiere at Rotterdam film festival 2015. For this exhibition Onnen will show all the puppets he has made so far in China. A zeotrope, another primitive pre-cinematographic device plays a important part in the movie and will also be shown and spinning during this one night event.

Friday, June 27, 5-9pm

8 May 2014

IFP Workshops: Bill Aitchison

- A two-day workshop led by Bill Aitchison, May 17-18

The workshop will introduce some elements of site-sensitive performance in city space, an approach to performance making that Bill Aitchison has developed over several years in many countries. The participants will share stories with one another and explore the urban space around Institute For Provocation. They will be shown ways in which these stories can be told in the streets and how the streets have their own characters and qualities that can be used when developing performances out of doors.

Bill Aitchison is an inter-disciplinary performance artist who has presented his work in galleries, theatres and festivals in Europe, Asia, America and The Middle East. He holds a practice-based PhD from Goldsmiths College is published in several languages, has worked in radio and is associate research fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Participation fee: 150 RMB for two days. Working time is 10-6 and lunch is provided. The workshop be given in English with Chinese translation.

Registration: workshop@iprovoke.org

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Article about IFP in SmartBeijing

In this well-written piece by Josh Feola, IFP Program Director Max Gerthel explains the working spirit and long-term goals of IFP.


Resident s/s 2014: Esther Kokmeijer

Esther is an artist investigating the origins of nature through mappings of intersections between man-made and "natural" forms of reality. In her travels across the globe she explores quantifiable positions related to geographic coordination systems, climatic phenomena and politically vs topologically defined borders. During her residency at IFP, she wishes to investigate China's meteorological systems, more specifically its research and capacity for weather modification. The research will form part of a cinematic trilogy about how human try to control nature. Next to the cinematic essays, she also plans to make installations, interventions and other works in the same context.


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